Now that the days are getting longer and springtime has nearly sprung our Cut and Stripe teams are busy preparing our customers’ lawns in readiness for feeding treatments that will ultimately make the grass green and luscious.

We spoke to our Cut and Stripe team and here’s their advice on what maintenance to undertake now to make sure that your lawn makes your neighbours green with envy during the summer months!

Lawn scarification is an essential lawn maintenance task. Failure to scarify your lawn on an annual basis could result in weak grass growth and the spread of disease and pets across your lawn.

Andrew Riley advises “scarifying your lawn is best done late March to early April. At first sight after scarification has taken place, the lawn may look yellow and bedraggled however in the long run, the lawn will be much greener and healthier and you’ll be well on your way to a great looking lawn!

Scarifying will thin out and remove excess thatch and moss that has built up in the lawn over the winter months. The process can create lots of debris but our Cut and Stripe team will take all debris away with them.

Our scarification treatment is part of our annual maintenance package which can start from as little as £20 per month. Call 01772 643589 or email and we’d be happy to provide you with a no obligation lawn survey.