ONE of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lawn is mowing.

Knowing how and – just as importantly – when to cut your grass is crucial to achieving a lush, green surface.

Here’s the Cut And Stripe guide to getting a professional finish.


  1. Make sure you cut to the right height

One of the golden rules of mowing is never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade length. The ideal length for a lawn is between 25mm and 50mm. Mowing regularly increases the density of the lawn and decreases the amount of weeds. A healthy lawn can survive the odd close cut but if you repeatedly remove more than 1/3 then you run the risk of causing long term damage. Eventually you will be left with a brown lawn, which is more susceptible to pests and disease.


  1. Vary the mowing pattern

Avoid repeatedly mowing in the same direction. Grass tends to lean in the direction you mow so vary the mowing pattern to give all grass species the opportunity to flourish.


  1. Don’t mow wet grass

Only mow when the grass is dry. Cutting wet grass can result in an uneven cut as some of the blades won’t be fully upright. Wet clippings also clog your mower, which can result in clumps of grass being deposited on your lawn. This can stifle growth and lead to brown patches.


  1. Keep your mower blades sharp

Imagine the damage it would cause if your hairdresser tried to cut your hair with a blunt pair of scissors! Well, the same applies to your lawn. Keep mower blades sharp for the cleanest cut, sharpening at the first sign of wear. Blunt blades shred grass, which can result in discolouring and long-term damage.


  1. Timing is everything

How often you need to mow will depend on a number of different factors, such as grass type, growing conditions, the time of year and the growth pattern. It’s important to get the balance right between not cutting often enough and mowing too regularly.


  1. Tread carefully with new lawns

Don’t be too hasty when cutting newly-seeded grass. Generally speaking a newly-seeded lawn needs three to four weeks to get established after germination so it’s important not to mow during this period as the blades are delicate. Wait until the new grass is approximately 1” taller than the usual mowing height before making the first cut.


If all the above sounds like too much hard work then don’t panic– Cut And Stripe is here to help!

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