With the weather getting warmer lawns are actively growing and require regular mowing, feeding, weeding and moss killing to keep it in tip top condition. Regular maintenance means that there may be less need for renovation further down the line.

We asked our Lawn Maintenance Operative, Callum, for his top tips for ensuring that you have a lawn that makes your neighbours green with envy!

Scarifying and aerating – With lawns not having been maintained over the winter moss and other weeds can take hold. We would recommend removing dead grass, moss and other debris from your lawn by scarifying. This process will allow light and air to get to the roots. Aerating the lawn by using an aerator which will put vertical holes in to your lawn will allow air to get to the roots, it will also help with drainage and help prevent moss and reduce compaction in the soil.

Mowing – Regular mowing keeps the lawn healthy. We mow our client’s gardens every fortnight between March and November and getting the cutting height and mowing frequency right can make a huge difference to the ongoing health of your lawn.

Feeding – It’s critical to make sure you feed your lawn. Feeding the lawn will increase vigour and help prevent weeds and moss from establishing. Remember to apply fertiliser when the soil is moist, or when it’s due to rain.

Watering – Although the British summer is notorious for being wet but lawns may still need watering. When the grass needs water, it will begin to take on a blue-gray tint, and the older grass blades on the lawn will begin to curl up or wilt. If you’ve planted a new lawn, you will usually need to water once a day so the seeds can germinate and a good solid roots can build the idel time to do this is in the evening when the sun has died down.

Our year round maintenance package will ensure that we maintain a healthy lawn for you. Our hassle free monthly packages start from £20/ month. Call us on 01772 643589 or send us an email on info@cutandstripe.co.uk